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Nana to you.

80% locked.
Concerning cosplay, rorita, ABJD, love/lust and things i might want some pricks not to know. HAHAHA.

Daily Life here.
Regular Photo posts/photoshoots all public.

I've just vomited my non-existent dinner.
My stomach hurts.
My head hurts.
My throat hurts.
But I feel more relaxed now.

Yes, vomiting made me relax.
The reason why?
I was once a bulimic.
Purging took up a large part of my life once.
It made me feel better about myself.
It made me feel thin.
It made me confident.
Yes, welcome to my dark side.
& I think, I might just become one again.
It wasn't easy to get over it.
But it's not that hard to get into it again.

If you're reading this, it's either because I see you as a trusted friend.
Or just because you came across this.

Yes 'you', 'you' got what you wanted.
I broke down.
I lost, I surrender.
Please get off my back (Although you won't read this but yeah)
Why the fuck are you being such a lowlife doing this kinda thing?
I'm affected.

I'm shocked.
That's why I'm crying like fuck now.
Why the fuck did you do such a lowlife thing?
Well, you got your goal.
You got to me.

The lowlife thing my friends.
Is scribbling my name and number on the walls of the gents in my effin' school.
What are you trying to get out of this hur?
& yeah, what the fuck did you write?
I'm quite interested to know what nonsense you put there.

How I know?
Do you know how embarrassed I felt?
Imagine your girlfriend in MY SHOES.

Now random fucktards are calling me and messaging me.


I might as well sink back into depression because of you.

 Please don't ask me questions.
I had enough.

My toes are freezing off.
Good thing someone switched off the aircon already.

To forgive or forget?
To surrender or ignore?
I hate this.